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John Corvino, “Is Gay Marriage a Threat to Traditional Marriage.?”

Hint: “No”




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Tea envy…

Tea envy…

7 Things NOT to Do to Treat an Encroaching Migraine!

So… I was having neck trouble all day yesterday. Nothing new, but… I felt more than the usual - it was the realization that something I’d done at work had helped to re-injure an already delicate unstable area from an old injury long ago (fall from a height - a running horse) many many years ago, which is what caused the initial neck/head injury that led to having migraines and the continuing chronic pain/progressive deterioration of neck vertebrae and cartilage that I have today (cervical spondylosis) along with a moderate stage slipped disk.  

The bone spurs caused by the spondylosis press on my occipital nerve; this goes on a little all of the time, but when I strain the area and cause a whole bunch of new inflammation thereabouts, things get swollen and crowded and then there is major pressure on that nerve.  It’s an intense pain in the neck (literally) that crawls up the back of my head and engulfs the whole left side of it as other cranio-facial nerves start to get involved, and as a storm begins in my brain.  My left eye feels like someone’s trying to drill through it with a jackhammer. 

Yesterday’s neck issues were a warning that I might wake up with migraine.  Fortunately, I haven’t had a really severe one in about 2 years. The worst lasted for 3 days without any letting up and sent me to the hospital. Triptans didn’t work.  The shot they gave me didn’t work.  Eventually, it just died down on its own. That one was a monster.

These days, I still get some pretty debilitating ones occasionally, but not as bad as that one.  And they go away faster. When I wake with one coming on but not yet full blast (like this morning) taking anti-inflammatory drugs like Naproxen, or my prescription Piroxicam , along with Sumatriptan, strapping on my really smart schnazzy cervical collar to help align the neck bones and take pressure off of the nerve, and partaking of bed rest in a quiet dark room can often ward off the worst and have me not-quite-right-as-rain, but still able to go to work at my night job by the time evening rolls around.

This is what I needed to be doing today.  But no. I’m doing all the things I really shouldn’t.  And feeling pretty damn lousy. And I have to work a long shift tonight. Somehow.  

If you’re experiencing a progressively worsening migraine, here are things NOT TO DO…


1) Receiving a last-minute email message from your landlady that the house you rent space in will be having another “open house” with lots of people tramping through it, including your apartment, from 10:00am until 1:00pm., and advising that you be away during this time.

2) Getting up and turning on all the lights so you can see to quickly tidy up the place for the open house event above. Move some things around so people can walk through more easily, effectively straining the neck area even more, and making your head and eye pound more.

3) Throwing on clothing and a cap, grabbing your laptop, strapping on a lovely cervical collar you’ve never ever worn in public before, and heading out into sunlight!  (Without having had time to eat anything.)

4) Walking around basically blind:  adue to one eye being completely useless for vision during migraine, even under the best conditions, and b) because you can’t even begin to take on outdoor light  right now without sunglasses/ you are always  basically legally blind without prescription eyewear/ you only have non-prescription sunglasses/  you had no time to put in contact lenses (not that your left eye could even begin to tolerate that right now.)

5) Continuing to walk for several blocks, crossing over a busy freeway overpass with all the traffic noise and noxious exhaust smells, on your way to a busy supermarket with a noisy eating area and tables (so at least you’ll have wifi.  And a toilet.)

6) Sitting in a very uncomfortable chair where you can’t manage a good posture and making your neck feel progressively worse (when you’d really rather, and really need to be, in bed.)

7) Staring at the Internet, looking for a new place to live and writing about your migraine to people online. 


if you have social anxiety and you made that phone call or put in that resume or told that person they’re funny or woke up today I am so proud of you and even if you didn’t do those things I am still proud of you okay

I do. And I did/have. But not always, when I should have.  =}

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